Our Story

Since 2018, F16 Film Camera Store has kept the tradition of film alive. Guided by an international palate and wealth of industry experience, we stock and sell high quality, fully working Used and New Film Cameras, Camera Straps, Film and Accessories from around the world at outstanding prices.

F16 only stock products in low batches or as unique one off items to make sure that we are constantly selling different and quirky models of cameras to the curious photographers out there. We love photography. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a film camera, or if you are an amateur or professional. Our love for film has no end and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Why shop with us?

At F16 we are a registered UK company and therefore have to follow the rules laid out by the UK Government. Many of the 35mm film camera stores you see on Depop, Etsy and Instagram are not registered businesses at all. This means that as a buyer you can’t necessarily trust the seller no matter how many reviews they may have. They might offer returns, they might say that every camera works, but in reality, you cant trust them to give you your money back!

If you check out our closest competition on Trustpilot you can see where we are coming from, it’s shocking!

At F16, you can trust us.

Every camera is tested in-house, cleaned, disinfected and photographed with any issues listed on the product listing. The photographs on our listings are of the exact item that you shall receive. We know that sometimes we can get things wrong, and sometimes these old cameras can stop working for no reason! Which is why we offer you our 30 day money back guarantee!

We are a registered business with over 10 years of expertise in photography. That’s why shopping at F16 can give you peace of mind.

We have been striving for change in the photography industry since 2018 over at our Sister Company, The South West Collective of Photography. The South West Collective is dedicated to promoting Photography and Art from across the United Kingdom and further afield, with the aims of one day having a permanent gallery space in The South West of England, you can find out more HERE.


Customer Reviews:
“F16 Camera Store gives photographers the freedom and choice to shoot film however they want, without having to break the bank.” - Google Review
“The camera purchased was in fantastic condition and exactly how it was advertised. Delivery was prompt and the packaging was above and beyond making sure the camera wasn’t damaged. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.” - Google Review
“I ordered from their website for a camera and had accidentally ordered the wrong film for the camera and Sam went out of their way to contact me to let me know the film I had ordered wasn’t compatible with the camera and wanted to make sure I didn’t select the wrong option. I am beyond happy with their service and the camera, it’s in beautiful condition and I’m so excited to gift it! Thank you again so much for your help!” - Google Review