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KONO! Monolit 3 Black and White 35mm Film

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An orthochromatic and ultra-slow film stock with a speed of ISO 3. The perfect film stock for architecture and landscape photography. High details, extra-long exposure times. Produced for KONO! with technical assistance by Svema.

Technical information:


35mm, 36 exposure single film

Orthochromatic and ultra-slow film stock

classic b&w process

Any b&w lab can develop KONO! MONOLIT films

 We recommend:

- A camera with an internal light meter which starts at ISO 3 or lower

- Or an external light meter / app starting at ISO 3 or lower

- A tripod or a very steady hand

Photos: Ryan Gordon and KONO!

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Care Instructions

Keep in a warm dry place. Do not store outside or in damp areas.

Moisture will damage your 35mm film & can damage your film cameras delicate moving components.