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BRAND NEW Lomography Lomo Diana (Black/Blue) 35mm Mini Camera and Flash

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This camera is brand new in sealed condition. 

The Diana Familys little plastic sweetheart is now bundled up with a Diana F+ Flash to keep you shooting your dreamy 35mm squares and half-frame shots in all lighting conditions.

With the flick of a little switch, you can move from the retro square format to the amazing half-frame format, giving you the ability to take 72 shots on one 35mm film roll.

To further enhance creative possibilities, there are Multiple and Long Exposure features, a tripod mount and a cable release attachment.


  • Cable Release Connection - Yes

  • Battery Type - 1 x AA

  • Available Apertures - Cloudy= f8 Sunny= f11

  • Shutter Speeds - Fixed 1/60 (N), Bulb (B)

  • Focal Length - 24mm

  • Exposure Area - 24x24mm / 24x17mm

  • Film advance - Knob

  • Film Format - 35 mm

  • Flash connection - Diana Flash Plug

  • Focusing - Zone Focusing

  • Focusing Distance - 0.6m - Infinity

  • Frame Counter - Auto Reset

  • Material - Plastic

  • Tripod Mount - Yes

  • Lightmeter - No

  • View Finder - Direct optical viewfinder


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Care Instructions

Keep in a warm dry place. Do not store outside or in damp areas.

Moisture will damage your 35mm film & can damage your film cameras delicate moving components.